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Photo Bomb!

I'm watching a wedding tomorrow so I won't be able to blog and post pictures, so I'll just make a photo bomb now! It's photoshoots and some other things. Just random cool photos. Getting up some fashion and inspiration photos later. (:
Ok, jealous me over here. Look at that body! Perfect.
Gorgeous eyes and awesome drawing of "wild".
Oh babyyyyy! This is so adorable. :') Look, there's Stitch!
Is it just me or do you also think heart glasses are amazingly cute on summers!?
These was the photos for this post!
Hope you liked them. Maybe posting more later.




Good morning, beautifuls! I actually woke up 2 hours ago, but anyways, good morning y'all. (: It's just the beginning of afternoon, it's 12.21 PM.
Did I mention in my last post that I bought things to my room and just need a mirror left? and a carpet? I think I did! Always good with repitition, haha.
I found these inspiration photos and fell in love immediataly! So beautiful and so inspirational. Check it out!
Indians are so inspirational for me. I like the style and the pattern and all the feathers! I like how this girl combined the makeup and the effect of the photo to make it more indian. These are so inspirational, ugh, it makes me wanna have that "hat" too, but I'd never go out with it lol! Would you?
Also found this feather thing! It's more for masquerade parade, love the colors! If I would go to a masquerade I would definitely have choosen this mask. It's colorful and big, with awesome feather. (: I love these photos!
Always lovin' pink and shorts and... STUDS!! For sure. Studs are hottest right now!
What did you think of these photos?
Nataly xox


Hey guys, I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging much! I've been busy with Twitter and Austin Mahone, haha! He actually followed me and I'm so freaking happy! Here's some photos to share with you, guys. (:
Have a nice day (:
Love, Nataly xox

Sorry for no update

<div>Hello guys! I'm so sorry for no update but I've been busy with Twitter, my ROOM and yeah.. There's nothing from me to say, just a hello and how ya doin? (: There's something wrong with uploading pictures. I'll see what's up next and if I can post them later. Have a nice day!

Quote on wall

Hello guys!
So I finally made my room. I had to cut and paste letters for my wall, to be a full quote. Well, a short one. I have always loved these bedrooms and it's always so cozy and beautiful with it so I started doing my letters since 2 days ago and I'm already done! I thought it would take like weeks for me.. but I was fast. But I can tell ya, if you aren't doing your job in several hours, you aren't gonna have your quote on wall done in 2 days like me. I sat on my chair and cut and pasted, cut and pasted... it was horrible, but at the same time fun.. and now I'm DONE. FINALLY.
I'll post a picture on my room when it's all done, cause I haven't got my mirror, carpet, lights and curtains yet! My room is pretty new.. and you know, I want it beautiful and cozy.
What do you think about quotes on wall? or just texts?
This is a really beautiful and cozy bedroom.. I was thinking about doing a big tree but it all ended up with big letters.. maybe next time! 
It's time for me now to watch a movie, I'll just download any.. then go to sleep. See you! :)


Aww, even this little kid has swag!? Unbelieveble. This is so sweet. What do you think?

My World.

Hello guys, so this is my blog where I post fashion and inspiration pictures. Also other pictures. Enjoy and maybe go post/heart the pictures on WeHeartIt? That's all yours!



Ya, that's pretty much me.

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