Quote on wall

Hello guys!
So I finally made my room. I had to cut and paste letters for my wall, to be a full quote. Well, a short one. I have always loved these bedrooms and it's always so cozy and beautiful with it so I started doing my letters since 2 days ago and I'm already done! I thought it would take like weeks for me.. but I was fast. But I can tell ya, if you aren't doing your job in several hours, you aren't gonna have your quote on wall done in 2 days like me. I sat on my chair and cut and pasted, cut and pasted... it was horrible, but at the same time fun.. and now I'm DONE. FINALLY.
I'll post a picture on my room when it's all done, cause I haven't got my mirror, carpet, lights and curtains yet! My room is pretty new.. and you know, I want it beautiful and cozy.
What do you think about quotes on wall? or just texts?
This is a really beautiful and cozy bedroom.. I was thinking about doing a big tree but it all ended up with big letters.. maybe next time! 
It's time for me now to watch a movie, I'll just download any.. then go to sleep. See you! :)


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